About Peter

Self image of peter Izzard taking photographs

Peter Izzard up close and personal photographing ice bubbles in Alberta Canada.

Photographer. Nature Lover. Wanderer…

An award-winning photographer with a deep affinity for the natural world, 
Peter is inspired by the natural environment, and by light and patterns in nature.

Peter lives on the NSW South Coast. His freelance photographic work takes him to locations throughout NSW and beyond, including the South Coast, Shoalhaven, Hunter Valley, Sydney, Wollongong, Kiama, Jervis Bay, Eden, the Southern Highlands and ACT. 

People are drawn to Peter for his friendly, easy-going nature and his professionalism.
He is widely sought after for his landscape, portrait, wedding and commercial photography work.

Being fortunate enough to not only live in a stunning region, but to work and travel in amazing locations around the globe, 
this website showcases some of Peter’s best works.

“My goal is to capture through my lens, the beauty of the world around me, and then share it…”